Adrienne Gray


I’ve done a lot of things in my life…

I had the career that most people only get to have if they win a Visa contest. I was the youngest producer in the 25-year history of what was once the world’s largest independent record company. People paid me to travel and spend money. I’ve gotten some awards. They are in a box in my basement, because they have almost nothing to do with life.

I’ve managed to stay married for over a decade. I often joke that I hired him to be my husband because he’s kind of a super hero. I’ve birthed three jaw-droppingly random children. They befuddle me with their individuality and awesomeness. I’m certain they’re all going to call me on pretending to be qualified for this job any day now.

But there are two things I’ve never done well consistently:

1. Kept my domicile in any state other than a state of chaos.

2. Kept up a blog.

My name is Adrienne Gray and this is my completely serious attempt at both.



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