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I’m busted.  I cannot be succinct enough with my words to not be aggravating in my social media sphere, so here lands my thanksgiving project.

If you’re not sure what I mean, stop what you’re doing and read this.

The gist is that there are all kinds of good reasons that having a thankful heart and attitude is better than not having one.  At a time when it’s really becoming clear to me just how much my kids pick up on from me… a good attitude vs. a bad one, whether to hold my tongue or not, how I respond to every challenge… I could either bat at flies and try to tackle every eventuality, or I could start from the outside in with an attitude check.

First, I’m thankful that I stumbled upon the blog of someone I worked with so briefly that I don’t even remember the name of the project, but I’ll never forget him. I must have filed Chance Scoggins away in that bucket of my mind marked “People that I sure am glad to know exist because they put the ‘kind’ in humankind.” Dude’s a bucket of sunshine, and if you’re looking for some, it’s yours for the taking in his blog. Granted, being thankful in the month of November isn’t a new idea, but Chance’s take on it is so refreshing.

Second, I’m grateful for second chances. Of any sort. From a second listen to a song, a second sip of a new kind of coffee, a second introduction to a person who perhaps you didn’t get on the first go-round, heck, a re-boot on life. Those of you who know me know that my sense of second chances comes from my faith in Christ. People suck. I’m included in that statement. It resonates in me that He is the ultimate giver of the second chance (or third, fourth… or 219th, by my count just today.)

Third, I’m grateful that life is so full of possibilities. It’s inherent in me to be overwhelmed by all of the things I cannot do. But rather how blessed am I to live in a time when we have options? When art and creativity are rewarded? When, with the click of a mouse, I can show my children the world, while dinner’s on the stove. I may not get my priorities sorted straight every day, but at least they’re all coming from a bucket of pretty incredible options.